Goro Akechi
Goro Akechi from PQ2


A handsome boy

An intelligent boy! A handsome boy! A boy of many talents! And he loves to pose for photos.

❤️The Goro Akechi Shrine❤️

I fucking love Goro Akechi. Before I played Persona 5 I was looking at some of the characters, saw him, and thought "that's the one."

I suppose I like Goro because I like antagonists and tragic characters. I feel like Atlus pushed his character aside near the end and I hope it's rectified in Persona 5 Royal. On a more personal note, I just relate to the fact he is very lonely and yearns for some kind of acceptance. I don't really have a deep reason for loving him and I don't need one.

This shrine is ever-growing. Stay tuned.

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Goro Winking

Have a Goro-ful day.


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